I have been making costumes since 2006.

On this page I've listed handmade costumes made by me with intent to compete in cosplay contests.

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Umamusume Pretty Derby (anime, game)

Symboli Rudolf

Made for Polymanga 2022 where I was a guest and represented Sweden in the Polymanga Global Easter Cosplay Contest. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses (game)

Marianne von Edmund

Made for Swedish WCS (World cosplay summit) qualifier 2021. Partnered with Amenoo Cosplay. Watch our qualifier video here. 

Awards: none

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (game)


Handmade costume. summer 2019- spring 2020

Awards: 1st place Cosplay-SM (national championship) 2020, 1st place Comiccon 2019 (cosplay SM qualifier)

DOTA 2 (game)

Crystal Maiden

Handmade costume. Winter's Warden set. Worn and re-wised several times. Summer 2018 - Spring 2019
Awards: 1st place - masters-category at Närcon Sommar, Linköping SWE, July 2018 * 3rd place ESL Hamburg oct 2018 * 1st place Dreamhack Winter 2018 * 4th place cosplay-SM 2019

Mass Effect 2 (game)

Tali Z'orah

Handmade costume. Second version of this costume (100% re-made) for cosplay-SM spring 2017 

Awards:  Best armor, Copenhagen games 2018

Boku No Hero Academia (anime/manga)

Bakugou Katsuki

Hero suit, gender bend. Handmade cosplay for the Swedish WCS qualifier with Remedy cosplay as Midoria fall 2016. Rewised several times - summer 2018. I have done several other outfits for Bakugou, find them on the other costumes page

Awards: “Best craft” at Jpopcon 2017’s Craftsmanship contest. * 2nd place Dreamhack Summer 2018 

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (anime)

Olivier Mira Armstrong

10 years in cosplay! :D Dedided to re-make my first cosplay to celebrate, but chose aonther character from the same series. The jacket is lined, the coat is wool and all the bias tape is hand-sewn! Summer 2016 
Awards: "Best craft", in the cosplay classic masters-category at Närcon Sommar, Linköping SWE, July 2016 * “Judge’s Award”, GEEKcore, DK, October 2016

DOTA2 (game)


First time at ESL! Handmade costume. First time sewing a leather bag and properly lining a dress! summer 2016

Awards: Top-ten at ESL Frankfurt, June 2016 * Best craft at the craftsmanship cosplay contest at Copenhagen Comiccon, October 2016. 

DOTA2 (game)

Vengeful Spirit 

First time in cosplay SM! :D Handmade costume 2016, re-made parts and new glaive for ESL Hamburg 2018. Blessing of the crested umbra set (Retired)

Awards: top 10 ESL Hamburg 2018

Dragon Age 2 (game)

Marian Hawke

Handmade costume. Worked with real leather for the first time! 2015 (Retired) 

Awards: “Best Video Game”, at Malmö, Sweden SciFi Mässan, February 2015 * “Best cosplay” at Kodachicon, Lund, Sweden May 2015
- Swedish Qualifier for Eurocposplay at Malmö Comiccon, Sweden, September 2015 (updated version) * 26th place in Eurocosplay, London MCM Comiccon, UK, October 2015 (updated, again!)

Tales of Symphonia (game)


Handmade costume. Fall 2015 (Retired) 

Awards: 3rd place, Swedish WCS qualifier, Comiccon Stockholm 2015 with Chibifie as my partner.

DOTA2 (game)


Handmade costume. My first DOTA2 cosplay! spring 2015 (Retired) 

Awards: 1st prize at DreamHack Summer, Jönköping, June 2015

Mass Effect 2 (game)

Tali Z'orah

Handmade costume. First version of Tali! Summer 2014 (Retired)
Awards: “Best performance”, Confusion 2014, Gothenburg, Sweden. “Doppleganger (look-alike)” GEEKcore, Valby, Denmark, 2014.

Black Lagoon (anime/manga)


Handmade costume. I made skirt and blazer, altered old military coat. Made SFX fake scars. Fall 2009 (Retired)

Awards: “Best song” Jpopcon, Denmark 2009 (judges wanted to give our group an award, and that was the only prize they had left..)

Naruto (anime/manga)


When I made this cosplay, Konan had just been introduced! Handmade costume fall 2008
Awards: “Best showmanship” and "Best Group" Kodachicon Sweden 2008

Blade of the Immortal (manga)


I made kimono + obi, altered stockings Fall 2007 (Retired)
Awards: “Best group” Jpopcon, Denmark 2007 

Naruto (anime/manga)


Handmade costume, spring 2007 (Retired)
Awards: “Best in show” Kodachikun, Sweden 2007

Fullmetal Alchemist (anime/manga)

Riza Hawkeye

MY FIRST COSPLAY! :D handmade uniform. Bought black shirt. 2006 (Retired)
Awards: “Best group” Kodachicon, Sweden 2006


15+ years as a cosplayer. 

10+ years working professionally with events. 

Please feel free to reach out if you'd like me to attend your event as a cosplay competition judge, hold a workshop/panel, promote your game/movie or something else! 

Hero photo by Dreamhack 2019

Footer photo by Robert Johannesson 2020