One of the things I love most about cosplay is connecting with others and learning from each other. I have zero schooling in sewing or other craftsmanship - everything I know I've learned through (a lot of) trial and erros and from others who have shared their knowledge with me in person and online!

I want to give back to the community and have written  several tutorials as well as a YouTube channel. 


On my YouTube channel you can find both vlogs and tutorials.

Here's a few!

Written tutorials

I used to write tutorials on my old Tumblr page.

I'm not active there anymore, but you can still access the tutorials :)


This page would not be the same without the stunning photographs! Big thank you and much love to the  photographers! 

Here I have listed a few of the amazing people I've havd the great pleasure to collaborate with  throughout the years. Be sure to check them out!


15+ years as a cosplayer. 

10+ years working professionally with events. 

Please feel free to reach out if you'd like me to attend your event as a cosplay competition judge, hold a workshop/panel, promote your game/movie or something else! 

Hero photo by JCM cosplay photo 2021

Footer photo by Robert Johannesson 2020